Masterclass Super Tuesday

Brussels | March 3, 2020 | IHECS

Protagoras organized on March 3, 2020, the Super Tuesday Masterclass on American politics and the current presidential campaign in the United States. The objective was to take an overview of the different candidates competing against Donald Trump and to analyse the different communication strategies put in place by the President and the Democratic candidates to win the battle of ideas.

This masterclass gathered four experts on these issues, two professors and two communication professionals:

Allison E. Woodward, Professor at the Institute for European Studies of the VUB…

Amanda Klekowski von Koppenfels, Academic Director at BSIS – University of Kent

Andras Baneth, European Office Managing Director of Public Affairs Council

Geert Stox, Head of Strategy at ICF Next

The discussions, resulting from the addition of scientific knowledge and professional experience, between the different speakers were fruitful and interesting for the public, which did not hesitate to take part in the exchanges with questions and remarks very relevant to the debate.

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