Protagoras has been active since 2016 and has organised numerous events and symposia on a variety of themes with quality speakers.

In association with its academic and professional networks, our laboratory has succeeded in offering activities with a quality and rigorous content, but always connected to the challenges of contemporary public and political communication.

Our symposia

2019 | Les enjeux et usages de la temporalité en communication politique

Organised in partnership with GRIPIC (CELSA – Paris Sorbonne)


2018 | La communication européenne : vers un tournant agonistique ? European communication: towards an agonistic future?

Organised in partnership with the GRIPIC (CELSA – Paris Sorbonne) and the Sapienza (Universita di Roma) with the support of the Echevinat des Sports of the Brussels Municipality.


2017 | Communiquer sur la radicalité

SFSIC-labelled event (Société française des sciences de l’information et de la communication).

Organised in partnership with ReSIC (Université libre de Bruxelles)


They take part in our masterclasses...

© THOMAS DAEMS. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license
Sophie Wilmès, Belgian Prime Minister
Elio Di Rupo, President-Minister of Wallonia, Former Prime Minister
Benoît Ramacker, Spokesman for the Belgian Crisis Center
Baptiste Erkes, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the RTBF
Patrick Charaudeau, Université Paris XIII - CNRS
Emmanuel De Bock, DéFI Brussels MP
Jimmy Jamar, Former Chief of the European Commission Representation in Belgium
Alain Courtois,Former Senator, MP and Brussels Municipality Echevin
Philippe Marion, UCL
Francesco Nicodemo, Ex-Communication Manager of the Italian Government at the Palazzo Chigi,
Antoine Rivet, Managing Director de GOPA Com
Michael Stabenow, Correspondent of the Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung in Brussels from 1990 to 2019
© European Economic and Social Committee via
Tom Bauler, IGEAT, ULB
Antje Collowald, Head of Unit DG HR - Management of HR Financial Transactions at European Commission
Philippe Moreau-Chevrolet, Founder and CEO, MCBG Conseil
Catherine Stilmant, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
© Lgermys via
Hamza Fassi-Fihri, Former CDH Brussels MP
Eric Biérin, Ex-Dir Com d'Ecolo
Anthony Lockett, Communications Manager at European Research Council
© Twitter @LoicNicolasBxl via
Eric Van den Abeele, Counsellor to the à Belgian Permanent Representation to the European Union
Agnes Szucs, General Manager of the Brussels-based NGO Centre for European Progression
Katrien Witpas, Communication Consultant at Arctik
Brieuc Lits, ReSIC, ULB